The Impact Strategies Group team writes, comments and presents on a variety of topics including social innovation, philanthropy, public-private partnerships, social finance, social enterprise, immigration, education and public health. You can also read our more casual musings on our blog.

Writings and Publications

The Learning for English Language Proficiency and Success Act: Ensuring Faithful and Timely Implementation” by Conor P. Williams, Ph.D., and Colleen Gross Ebinger. Incorporating the considerable expertise, advice and insight of over 40 local leaders and practitioners, we hope that this guidance will help Minnesota lead the nation in developing one of its greatest assets: English Language Learners. Commissioned by The McKnight Foundation as part of its “Food for Thought” series. September 2014. The report is also spotlighted on EdCentral.

Moving Beyond Your Four Walls: Working Collectively toward Systems Change” by Colleen Gross Ebinger and Sarah Townsend Morris. Feature article in Nashville Nonprofit Review. Summer 2014.

Looking Back, Moving Forward: The State’s Political Leadership Weighs in on Democracy in Minnesota” by Kathy Bonnifield, Colleen Gross Ebinger, Leota Lind, Colin Marsh, and Nance Purcell. Summary of findings from 20 interviews with past and present political leaders in Minnesota and a survey of the 2013 legislature. February 2014. An abbreviated version of this report was published in a MinnPost column on Feb 25, 2014.

Sharing the wisdom of our mentors” by Sarah Morris. Guest blog post on Young Nonprofit Professionals Network – Twin Cities’ blog providing advice to young changemakers through a Q&A with Dr. Les Lenkowsky. October 2013.

Pay attention to the board behind that curtain” by Sarah Morris. Guest blog post on Young Nonprofit Professionals Network – Twin Cities’ blog sharing insights into an annual board retreat. July 2013.

Latino Educational Success: Lessons from Minnesota schools that are closing the gap” by Rodolfo Gutierrez, Colleen Gross Ebinger, and Hector Garcia. An article in the Citizens League’s Winter 2013 MN Journal based on the report “Opportunities and Challenges: The Education of Latinos In Minnesota.” April 2013.

A Bold Approach to Public Health: Lessons for creating enduring community change” by Colleen Gross Ebinger and Sarah Morris. An article in the International City/County Management Association’s online publication of Public Management Magazine based on the report “Be Bold! Findings from Six CPPW Communities’ Efforts to Improve Health Outcomes.” March 2013.

Be Bold! Findings from Six CPPW Communities’ Efforts to Improve Health Outcomes” by Colleen Gross Ebinger and Sarah Morris. A report for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention based on the training and technical assistance provided to CPPW communities by Grassroots Solutions and Fourth Sector Consulting, on behalf of a Minnesota Department of Health Mentoring Grant. December 2012.

Opportunities and Challenges: The Education of Latinos in Minnesota” by Alison Shurilla, Colleen Ebinger, Gabriella Anais Deal-Marquez, and Rodolfo Gutierrez. A report for the State of Minnesota’s Chicano Latino Affairs Council (CLAC), in partnership with Hispanic Advocacy and Community Empowerment through Research (HACER). Funding provided through a Minnesota Humanities Center grant that was funded by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund that was created through a vote of the people of Minnesota in November 2008.  December 2012.

Philanthropy and Government Working Together: The Role of Offices of Strategic Partnerships in Public Problem Solving” by James M. Ferris and Nicholas P.O. Williams of the Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy, University of Southern California. This discussion paper summarizes and synthesizes the discussions that took place at a 2-day April 2012 roundtable discussion about these offices. Colleen Ebinger was a participant in the discussion and her MIT Innovations article (below) served as the foundational background reading for the group. December 2012.

How can your nonprofit engage voters this election season?” by Sarah Morris. Guest blog post on Young Nonprofit Professionals Network – Twin Cities’ blog examining the do’s and don’ts of nonprofit advocacy. August 2012.

Building Your Career Through Authentic Leadership” by Sarah Morris. Guest blog post on Minnesota Council on Foundations’ Philanthropy Potluck blog providing advice to young nonprofit professionals through a look at Trista Harris and Rosetta Thurman’s How to Become a Nonprofit Rockstar. August 2012.

Risk vs. Risk” by Colleen Ebinger. Guest blog post on Canada’s examining emerging pay for success and social impact bond models. May 2012.

Generating New Revenue to Attack Social Problems” by Colleen Ebinger. Guest blog on Greater Twin Cities United Way Jobs & Training blog describing the newly conceived Human Capital Performance Bond (HUCAP) and comparing it to other models nationally and internationally. October 2011.

An Alternative to the Social Impact Bond?” by Colleen Ebinger. Guest blog on Canada’s describing the unique features of Minnesota’s proposed Human Capital Performance Bond (HUCAP). May 2011.

Government and Social Innovation: State and Local Models” by Andrew Wolk and Colleen Gross Ebinger. An article in the MIT Journal Innovations, describing and comparing offices of public private partnership across the country. October 2010.

Chapter 1 – Overview: Diasporas and Development” by Barbara Merz, Lincoln Chen, Peter Geithner and Colleen Gross Ebinger. Opening chapter in Diasporas and Development, a Harvard University Press volume that examines the impact immigrants have on their countries of origin. Harvard Global Equity Initiative, 2007.