In defense of ‘Impact’

Posted on 29. Apr, 2014 by in Cross Sector Partnerships, Org Development, Philanthropy

In a recent PhilanTopic blog post, Derrick Feldmann, president of Achieve, asks, “Has the Word ‘Impact’ Lost its Impact? As the founder of a company with that word in our name, how could I not respond? I’m not persuaded that this is a buzzword. I haven’t noticed an overuse of impact the way we have […]

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Please use our money for fundraising and infrastructure!

Posted on 20. Apr, 2012 by in Growth, Org Development

Imagine if great nonprofits received a huge influx of cash that could be used to build, among other things, a robust fundraising infrastructure. Or to invest in its leadership team. Did you just gasp? A complete 180 degree swing from what many grantmakers currently incorporate into their RFPs: “What our foundation does not fund:  a, […]

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